Taieri Land Use Diversification Opportunities Project

A project working with farmers in the Upper Taieri Wai catchment group (Ranfurly, Central Otago, New Zealand) to identify alternative land uses for diversification (not just limited to agriculture) that can fit within their current farming system and provide information on these. The project involves locally generated ideas and face-to-face farmer workshops with implementation of a decision-making support tool(see below) to ensure valuable and relevant information are provided to our community and they feel supported through the next steps!

This project is facilitated by The Whole Story and funded by the Department of Conservation’s Ngā Awa River Restoration Programme and Our Land and Water National Science Challenge. 

Any questions regarding this project please don’t hesitate to contact:

Becks Smith – becks@thewholestory.co.nz

Liz Dooley – liz.dooley@outlook.co.nz 

Iona McCarthy – i.a.mccarthy@massey.ac.nz

Podcast mini-series



1)          Liz Dooley  – Introducing the Decision Support tool and workshops

2)          Bruce Smallfield – Plant & Food Research’s work in the Maniototo        

3)          Sandra Campbell – Setting up a native plant nursery                   

4)          Anthony Longman – Tourism opportunities for Central Otago farmers               

5)          Duncan Humm – Solar farming (a farmer’s experience so far)       

6)          Dan Cottrell – KiwiQuinoa      

7)           Paul Kenyon – Farming efficiency and the impact on GHG emissions

Decision-Support Tool

The Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) is a structured, objective process, supported with a software tool, to help

• identify the ‘best’ ranked alternative(s)

• explore and learn about a decision

understand own and others’ viewpoints

• make a decision transparent

• communicate a decision

This spreadsheet based tool can be used for decisions with multiple, conflicting criteria which are measured in different units.

Have a look at the video below to see the tool in action if you have any questions or want to fill out a feedback form please contact Liz Dooley – liz.dooley@outlook.co.nz 



Hazelnuts one page resource

Murray Redpath – Wairata Forest Farm – wairataforestfarm@gmail.com

Murray Redpath Presentation – A nutters journey 2022

Hazelnut Growers Association Website


Solar Farming:

Solar farming one page resource

Duncan Humm – duncan@nzfarming.org

PV magazine

Solar Farming



Sunflowers one page resource

For more information contact Anna or Rob at hallfieldfarm@gmail.com

Pure Oil Website – https://pureoil.nz

Foundation for Arable Research Hi Oleic Sunflower article


Native Tree Nursery:

Sandra Campbell Instagram: @ourwatercarejourney


Alternate crops:

Other crops one page resource

Arnica NZ Handbook 2008

Bruce Smallfield – Plant & Food Research – Bruce.Smallfield@plantandfood.co.nz


Tourism Opportunities:

Anthony Longman  – Tourism Central Otago – anthony.longman@codc.govt.nz

Central Otago Destination Management Plan – Destination Management – Planning for our tourism future | Central Otago (centralotagonz.com)

General information – Tourism Central Otago | Central Otago (centralotagonz.com)



Quinoa one page resource

Dan Cottrell – Kiwi Quinoa – dan@kiwiquinoa.com

Kiwi Quinoa Website



Hemp one page resource

Blair Drysdale – Hopefield Hemp -blair@hopefieldhemp.co.nz

Hopefield Hemp Website – https://www.hopefieldhemp.co.nz/

NZ Hemp Industries Association Website – https://nzhia.com/


Protein Extraction from Lucerne:

Lucerne for protein one page resource

Nathan Sheppard – Leaft Foods- nathan@leaftfoods.com

Maury Leyland Penno – Leaft Foods – maury@leaftfoods.com

Ross Milne – Leaft Foods


Leaft Website – https://www.leaftfoods.com/


Finishing Efficiency:

Beef efficiency one page resource

Paul Kenyon – Massey University – P.R.Kenyon@massey.ac.nz

Ewe Body Condition Scoring Workshop

Early to late pregnancy ewe management video

Guide to Hogget Mating

Guide to New Zealand Cattle Farming



Lavender Growers Association website